Yüzey Sularında Çözünmüş Oksijen Ölçümü


Ekoloji, 1996, Issue 19, Pages: 8-12



Measurement of dissollved oxygen has been one of the most frequently investigated and evaluated parameters since it is an assotial criterion of biological life and organic pollution in sources of natural waters (1). Speculations on the levels of dissolved oxygen have recently gained importance in environmental studies as a result of widespread use of the electrochemical instruments capable of measuring 0,1 mg/L Loxygen. The fact that in stagnant surface vvaters especially in limnological systems, occasionally encounters higher Omeasurements than the saturation levels and obtains low reproducibilities due to the variations in environmental conditions, depreciate the reliability of the Instruments, the methodor te analyst. Quantitative interpretation and the precision of the results of the oxygen measurements would be possible by the proficiency and the knowledge of the analysts and by their careful avoidance of the frequently made mistakes.


Dissolved oxygen, oxygen measurements, calibration ofoxygenmeter