Wear Resistance of Heterogeneous Metallic Materials

Zhenxia Li

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 919-923


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In this paper, the heterogeneous metal materials wear resistance test, anti-abrasion restorative materials, comprehensive consideration of the current domestic and foreign research present situation, draw lessons from the development method of hardfacing electrode, through many experiments, constantly adjust powder formula, develop good welding performance, economy, and the wear resistance of low carbon martensite stainless steel flux-cored wire HDY502.In order to verify the wear resistance of the newly developed HDY502 wear-resistant flux-cored wire hardfacing metal, an alloy welding wire HDY704 with the same alloy system was developed as the contrast material. It is found that the main wear mechanism of surfacing metal is cutting wear. Spalling wear is caused by stress, microstructure inhomogeneity and local crack propagation.


heterogeneous metallic materials, wear resistance, cutting wear


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