Türkiye'de (Bozdoğan Kemer Baraj Gölü-Aydın) Yeni Bir Levrek Türü “Hibrit Çizgili Levrek (Morone chrysops ♀ x Morone saxatilis ♂)”

Yusuf GÜNER, Muhammet ALTUNOK, Volkan KIZAK, Erol TOKŞEN

Ekoloji, 2007, Issue 64, Pages: 49-52


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The hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis ) which is distributed to many countries is native to United Stated of America. The hybrid striped bass fries were imported by two separate companies with the permission of Turkish Agriculture Ministry in 1999-2000. The broodstock was first stocked in net cages but contamination occured in Bozdoðan dam lake in Aydýn. As an evidence of contamination a sample fish was catched from the lake. On the hybrid striped bass, at first dorsal fin 9 true spines, at the second dorsal fin 13 soft rays and 1 spine, at anal fin 3 spines and 11 soft rays are located . Small tooth located on each lower and upper jaws. Vomer and palatinde tooth exist in hybrid striped bass. Addionaly two horny teeth section formation is observed on tongue. This study indicates some morphomeristics of the sample fish.


Aydýn-Bozdogan dam lake, hybrid striped bass, Morone chrysops, Morone saxatilis


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