The Study of Chinese Coastal Chemical Tankers Forward Time Charter Freight Index and the Volatility

Da-Shan Wang, Wen-Bai Liu

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 925-934, Article No: e106184


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By the tracking and analysis of Chinese coastal chemical tankers freight tendency in shipping market in category of 3 sizes, the dynamic marketing forecasting model was established. Based on the marketing performance circles and econometrics the time charter equivalent tendency of each size chemical tankers was studied and the market performance was illustrated, and correlation between variables were introduced into the regression model for the establishment of the forecasting model, then the sensitivity analysis and model optimization were conducted for the accuracy coefficient between market time charter freight level and relevant marketing variables, and the systematical tendency in market was proved. The Chinese coastal chemical tankers time charter freight index was put forward, and the basic study of relevant trading and hedging operations was conducted.


Chinese coastal chemical tanker shipping market, econometrics, time charter freight index, forward freight agreement


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