The Restriction of Environmental Protection Regulations on Enterprises and the Promotion of Transformation and Upgrading

Feng Yang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1077-1082


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Environmental protection laws and regulations not only promote the development of polluting enterprises, but also restrict them to a certain extent. On the premise of guaranteeing that the development of enterprises is not restricted, we can know that the restraint function of environmental protection law can promote the establishment of enterprise withdrawal mechanism and the improvement of capital guarantee system. Through the analysis of the specific impact of the above two factors, we can get a better way to develop enterprises, complete the empirical analysis of the impact of environmental protection laws and regulations on enterprise development, summarize the results of the restraint effect of enterprise exit mechanism, and come up with ways to promote better and faster development of enterprises.


environmental protection regulations, enterprise, constraint, transformation and upgrading


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