The Operating Mechanism and Evaluation of Manufacturing Green Innovation System Based on Niche Theory

Yingying Sun, Kexin Bi

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1253-1258


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As the main body of national economy, manufacturing industry is an important part of industrial production. However, under the background of the large degree of ecological environment destruction, the innovation, development, diffusion and large-scale application of ecological means and green technology are the lasting guarantee for the sustainable development of manufacturing industry. Based on niche theory, this paper studies the operating mechanism and evaluation method of manufacturing green innovation system. For manufacturing the green innovation system operating mechanism and the theory of ecological niche of a comprehensive introduction, in order to realize the running mechanism structure of the constituent elements of the model and function between the conjunction and matching, operation mechanism, innovate green manufacturing system are analyzed in details of the mechanism of green innovation system analysis, it is concluded that the mechanism of the structure, manufacturing support the operation of the green innovation system and propulsion.


niche theory, green innovation in manufacturing, operational mechanism, evaluation


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