The Layout Integration of National Fitness Path and Urban Ecological Environment

Ji Zhu, Haipeng Li

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 693-697


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As an important part of service facilities for public sports, the path of national fitness plays increasingly important role in meeting the physical and fitness needs of urban and rural residents and improving the physical quality of the whole people. As the coverage of the nationwide fitness path in the city continues to expand, more and more residents in urban community enjoy the convenience of the national fitness program. However, it is still in the initial stage of development, and the fitness path has problems such as uneven inter-regional allocation, improper use, and poor management. In the case of insufficient overall allocation of public service resources in China, how to make the spatial layout of sports service facilities more scientific and reasonable, and to achieve equal allocation of public resources is of great significance. Based on the background, this paper starts from the perspective of urban and rural planning, and focuses on the relationship between natural ecological elements and the path of national fitness with ecological science as the main line. The spatial layout method for the joint development of material space and natural ecology has been explored, which has great practical significance and application value for urban development and national fitness.


national fitness, path, ecological environment, layout, integration


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