Study on the Application of Three-dimensional Electrolysis in Treatment of Malachite Green Dye Waste Water

Jinhua Yin, Bingkun Xia, Lei Du, Shuguang Xiang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 797-804, Article No: e107094


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This paper focused on the application of three-dimensional electrolysis in treatment of Malachite Green (MG) dye waste water. Regular influence on the reduction of COD by the pH value of the system, the impressed voltage, the type and concentration of electrolyte, the aeration and the electrolysis time was investigated in the experimental part. As a result, the optimal technological conditions of the degradation process were determined. Furthermore, to explore interaction of the parameters, the experiment selected five factors including voltage, electrolyte concentration, time for orthogonal test. For another, based on the analysis results of the intermediates in the electrolysis process by Ultraviolet (Uv) light scanning method, the degradation process of MG could be divided into three stages inferentially described as follows: the side chains on the benzene fell off; then the ring structure of the benzene cracked in the electric field; ultimately carbonaceous organic matters with small molecules were oxidized into carbon dioxide. The exploratory studies provide fundamental data for the three-dimensional electrolysis of dye wastewater treatment.


wastewater treatment, three-dimensional electrolysis, Malachite Green, COD reduction, degradation mechanism


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