Serçeme Vadisinin Rekreasyonel Kullanım Potansiyelinin Belirlenmesi


Ekoloji, 2004, Issue 51, Pages: 1-6



The toxicity effect of ethanol extracts from Tamarix smyrnensis Bunge, Scorzonera mollis Bieb, Scorzonera tomentosa L., Reseda alba L., Linum bienne Miller, Artemisia santonicum L., Prunus laurocerasus L. and Laurus nobilis L. on feeding and toxicity effect of the large diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. was investigated in the laboratory. The highest toxicity effect determined was 85% by A. santonicum, within seven days. The toxicity effects of the other extracts (T. smyrnensis, S. mollis, S. tomentosa, R. alba, L. bienne, P. laurocerasus and L. nobilis) were determined as 55%, 45%, 50%, 60%, 60%, 50% and 55% within the same period, respectively. No mortality was determined on control groups. The highest consuption (10.67 mg) wasobserved with alcohol extract from S. tomentosa and the minimum consuption was with alcohol extract from T. smyrnensis. The other tested extracts showed similar consuption.


Plutella xylostella, plant extracts, toxic effect, plants pesticides