Resourcing Potential of Diverse Functional Components from Chaenomeles Sinensis Immature Fruits

Ying Zhou, Fude Shang, Weiwei Zhao, Yihan Wang, Xiaodong Geng, Yu Meng, Yuanyuan Chen, Qimei Liu, Dangquan Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 153-157


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Chaenomeles sinensis is an excellent ornamental tree suitable for Beautiful China Project. However, the current researches on C. sinensis mainly focused on cultivation and landscape, and lacked of high valued-added utilization of components from C. sinensis immature fruits. Therefore, the components were extracted from C. sinensis immature fruit with benzene, acetone and ethanol, then functional components were identified by FT-IR, GC/MS and QTOF-UPLC/MS. The main volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of C. sinensis immature fruit are esters, acids, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, heterocycles, alkanes. Non-VOCs are esters, acids, alcohols, aldehydes. VOCs of all three extracts contain rich bioactive components including .beta.-Sitosterol, Hexadecanoic acid, 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid Benzaldehyde, while Non-VOCs contain rich biomedicine components including Pinoresinol dimethyl ether, 11-Oxo-kansenonol, Liquidambaric lactone, 28-Deacetylbelamcandal, umbelliferone, Methyl Caffeate, trichosanic acid, fritilleinide A, Soyacerebroside II. Interestingly, some new components including baicalin, methyl arteisinate and mangiferonic acid were firstly reported here.


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