Quantitative Model of Economic Demand of Natural Sustainable Resources Based on Sequential Advancement

Yanjie Jiang, Xiaodi Ding

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 747-752


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At present, the strategic natural sustainable resource reserve has just started in China, and the process of reserve pilot work is slow. From the standpoint of reserve strategy, this paper defined the concept of superior strategic natural sustainable resources, divided the superior strategic natural sustainable resources reserve into three levels: strategic reserve, superior reserve and regulatory reserve, and established corresponding reserve scale models respectively. The concept of "reserve order" was put forward to handle the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of advancing the pilot work of China’s natural sustainable resources reserve, and the influencing factors of reserve were analyzed. Hierarchical reserve and sequential advancement clarified the work flow and improved the efficiency of natural sustainable resource reserve of superior strategy.


natural sustainable resources, quantitative model, strategic reserve, superior strategy


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