Pyrolysis-based Resource Utilization of Rapeseed Cake Treated with Benzene/Ethanol Extraction

Weiwei Zhao, Linbo Li, Xiaolei Zhang, Bingqian Zhou, Huaiyun Zhang, Dangquan Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 33-38


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New ways of rapeseed cake resource utilization were explored by pyrolysis. The results showed that the largest component types at 600°C, at 300°C pyrolysis produced mainly esters (accounting for 41.68% of the total), followed by ketone (30.73%); at 450°C (41.46%) mainly ketones and esters (40.63%) were produced and small amounts of alkane (1.35%) and alcohol (2.36%) began to appear in the substance; at 600°C (37.42%) ketones were mainly found and the ester content decreased to 14.36%, and a new category emerged: ethers and amine, but to a lesser content, below 5%; at 750°C,mainly esters (29.68%), as well as the content close to ketone (16.04%), aldehyde (16.68%), olefin (15.67%), and hydroxyl acids (12.73%) were found, while ethers and composition of amine disappeared. 48 and 45 compounds were identified from 450 and 600°C Pyrolyzates of extraction residues, respectively. The types of pyrolyzate at 450°C are up to 15, and the highest content is ketone (20.90%), followed by heterocyclic (20.33%). At 600°C, 14 types of pyrolyzate were found, the highest content is heterocyclic (29.22%), followed by ketone (21.33%), and hydrocarbons (20.75%). Component analysis showed many new substances in the pyrolyzates of rapeseed extract and extraction residue.


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