Pretreatment of Cheese Whey Effluent Using a Microfiltration Process: A Statistical Design Approach

Ezgi Oktav Akdemir, Adem Ozer

Ekoloji, 2013, Issue 88, Pages: 21-27



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Pretreatment of cheese whey effluent from the dairy industry using chitosan as a coagulant and a microfiltration process such as a solid/liquid separator was investigated in this study. The optimization of major process variables, such as chitosan concentration, transmembrane pressure, and operation time on permeate flux and COD removal efficiency was investigated. To find the most appropriate result for the experiment, The Box–Wilson experimental design was employed. Response function coefficients were determined by regression analysis of experimental data and predictions were found to be in good agreement with the experimental results. The optimal concentration of chitosan and transmembrane pressure was 5 mg/L and 2 bar pressure for maximum permeate flux with a 23.0 L/m2.h flux value, respectively. On the other hand, the maximum COD removal efficiency (68.1%) was achieved at 15 mg/L chitosan concentration and 1 bar pressure.


Box-Wilson experimental design, cheese whey effluent, chitosan, microfiltration process


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