Pitting Defect Detection of Multilayer Dissimilar Metal Materials Based on Electromagnetic Ultrasound Technology

Min Chen

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1003-1009


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Multilayer multilayer dissimilar metal are widely used in aerospace, national defense, nuclear industry and other fields. Because of the particularity and complexity of multilayer dissimilar metal, their internal defects are prone to occur, which challenges the traditional non-destructive testing technology.In order to improve the detection ability of the internal defects of the structure, a detection technology based on electromagnetic ultrasonic technology is proposed. The pipeline made of multi-layer multilayer dissimilar metal was taken as the research object. The electromagnetic ultrasonic probe was used to excite the vertical incident wave or surface wave, and the corrosion was detected by measuring the thickness of the pipeline wall or the reflection wave of the defect of the pipeline wall.The instrument consists of an electromagnetic ultrasonic probe, a transmitting and receiving circuit, a digital signal processing circuit and a corrosion detection and analysis software. The test results are displayed by "B" scan chart or "C" scan chart and analyzed quantitatively, which can help the inspectors to judge the defects in multi-layer heterogeneous metal specimens intuitively.


electromagnetic ultrasound technology, multilayer multilayer dissimilar metal, pitting defects


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