Phytosociological Study of Ferns in the Central Caspian Forests of Iran

Seyed Mohsen HOSSEINI, Einollah Rouhi MOGHADDAM, Moslem AKBARINIA, Seyed Gholam Ali JALALI

Ekoloji, 2007, Issue 64, Pages: 74-8


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The phytosociological studies were performed for an identification of the indicator fern the species of beech forests in the central Caspian Hyrcanian forests in Iran. For data analysis the Braun-Blanquet method with Ellenberg table was used. The results show that these beech forest have six associations; two sub associations and one variant. 12 fern species exist in the study area out of which 6 are indicator species of beech vegetation association. Pteridium aquilinum and Asplenium adianthum nigrum are indicator species of the Fageto-Carpinetum association. Polystichum acleatum is an indicator species of the Fagetum orientalis typical sub association. Polystichum ofilliricum is an indicator species of the Fagetum orientalis lathyretosum sub association. Phyllitis scolopondrium and Asplenium adianthum are indicator species of the Buxo-Fagetum association.


Beech, fern, Hyrcanian forests, indicator species, Iran


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