Nitrogen Mineralization in the Soils of the Conifer Forest Communities in the Eastern Mediterranean


Ekoloji, 2010, Issue 74, Pages: 51-59


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The nitrogen mineralization rates in the soils o f three coniferous forest communities (Pinus nigra subsp pallasiana, Abies cilicica subsp cilicica, Cedrus libani) in the middle Taurus Mountains (Turkey) were investigated. N mineralization was determined by the standard incubation method under laboratory conditions at 20°C and 60 %WHC. Mineral nitrogen (NH4+-N ve NO3--N) was analyzed in the beginning, 21st and 63rd days o f incubation by micro-distillation. Net mineral nitrogen accumulations were calculated for the 63-days (mg N min / 100 g dry-soil / 63-days). Needle-leaf forest communities were crossexamined based on their mineral nitrogen and soil parameters. The relationships between the mineral nitrogen production and soil factors were analyzed by a simple correlation test. Mineral nitrogen production in the soils of these communities is strongly related to the total nitrogen rate. The highest total nitrogen mineralization rates were determined in the soils o f the Abies cilicica community. The nitrogen mineralization in the soils of three closely related needle-leaf forest communities in the Eastern Mediterranean phyto-geography region were found to be different.


Nitrogen, mineralization, nitrification, mediterranean forest


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