Natural Ecological Environment Protection Publicity Sculpture Design Based on Visual Communication

Shengneng Guo

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1235-1240


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The importance of the publicity work of natural ecological environment protection is extremely prominent. Adding visual communication design and publicity into the sculpture design is conducive to the promotion of ecological environment protection and the orderly development of ecological environment protection. Based on this, a sculpture design method of natural ecological environment protection publicity based on visual communication is proposed. This paper first analyzes the professional attribute and social significance of visual communication design, and expounds the overall planning principle of sculpture design from three aspects: the principle of environmental systematization, the principle of flexibility and the principle of specialization. Further explained the natural ecological environment protection propaganda sculpture design principle. Starting from the two aspects of creation thought and creation technique, this paper explains the sculpture design method of natural ecological environment protection under the guidance of visual communication concept.


visual communication, natural ecology, environmental protection publicity, sculpture


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