Nanocatalysis Regulates Bioactive Component Diversity of 550°C Pyrolyzates from Barks of Cinnamomum camphora in North China

Yu Meng, Yilin Cui, Zanpei Zhang, Zimeng Li, Yuanyuan Chen, Xue Liu, Ximei Li, Dangquan Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 147-151


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Cinnamomum camphor has been introduced into North China as a greening tree for beautiful China project. However, the value of C. camphor bark has not been revealed and hence was abandoned directly, causing great waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, the components of pyrolyzates from bark of C. camphor in North China were regulated by nanocatalysis with different catalysts. The powder of C. camphor bark and the powders treated with nanocatalysts (Ag, NiO, 1/2Ag+1/2NiO) were pyrolyzed at 550°C. The original powder pyrolyzate and three nano-catalyzed pyrolyzates are abundant in bioactive components of bioenergy, biomedicine, food additive and spices; however, nano-Ag and nano-NiO catalyses increse the content of biomedicine components, nano-NiO catalysis increases the content of cosmetics components. These findings here suggested that C. camphor bark has a potential of biomedicine and cosmetics utilization by special nanocatalysis.


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