Multi-target Detection of Environmental Pollution Areas in Laser Visual Recognition

Haiqing Zhang, Jun Han

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 849-854


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The detection of the environmental pollution area is of great practical value and theoretical value, to this end, a multi-target detection system for environmentally sensitive areas of laser vision recognition is proposed and designed. Give the overall structure diagram of the environmental pollution area detection, It consists of system user interface, system management, system configuration detection service, monitoring and storage devices of the system multi-target area. Based on the laser sensor, the two modules of pollution area information collection and pollution information detection are used to complete the system hardware design, and the ARM processor is used to process the environmental pollution area information to complete the system software design. The experimental results show that the measured results of the designed system are close to the actual values and have certain feasibility.


laser sensor, environmental pollution area, detection


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