Modeling Study on the Impact of Ecological Environmental Quality on Cardiopulmonary Function of Outdoor Mountaineering Enthusiasts

Guiming Shi

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 967-972


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Analysis of the impact of ecological environment quality on cardiopulmonary function of outdoor mountaineering enthusiasts can effectively improve human functions, so a model for the impact of ecological environment quality on cardiopulmonary function of outdoor mountaineering enthusiasts is proposed. Firstly, the research object and method are explained, and the indexes of cardiopulmonary function are designed. Based on the model, a model of cardiopulmonary system for outdoor mountaineering enthusiasts is designed by using time-varying elasticity theory. The experimental results show that the results of the designed model have a high degree of fitting with the actual situation.


ecological environment, quality, outdoor, mountaineering enthusiasts, cardiopulmonary function


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