Modeling Study on the Effect of Atmospheric Environmental Quality on Cardiopulmonary Function of Rock Climbing Athletes

Shangkui Ma, Dapeng Fu

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1065-1069


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To explore the effect of atmospheric environmental quality on the cardiopulmonary function of rock climbers. Method: 20 rock climbers were selected as experimental group (EG), healthy people who did not participate in rock climbing as positive control group (CG1); Healthy people who did not take part in physical exercise were selected as negative control group (CG2) in clean area. Each group selected 15 people. The exercise cardiopulmonary function testing system was used to test the cardiopulmonary function of subjects in different states. The results show that the detection model of atmospheric environmental pollution is established from the perspective of athletes’ health, and the corresponding solutions are put forward. Air pollution has adverse effects on cardiopulmonary function and aerobic metabolism. At the same time, the harm of atmospheric environmental quality to the respiratory system of rock climbers is significantly greater than that of the general population.


environmental quality, rock climbing, cardiopulmonary function, pollution


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