Modeling of Influencing factors of Ecological Environment Protection functional Indexes from the Perspective of Public Welfare Procedure Law

Liyuan Wang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1313-1318


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In order to construct and guarantee ecological civilization, this paper puts forward the modeling of influencing factors of ecological environment protection function index from the perspective of public welfare procedure law. This paper discusses the topic of the protection of ecological civilization from the perspective of legal system, and discusses the ecological environment from the perspective of public welfare society, public welfare law and public welfare legal security. By collecting the basic data, sorting out the data to create the evaluation factor database, using vector data to establish the ecological environment assessment model. The experimental results show that the evaluation results of the evaluation model have high accuracy, small disk space, short running time and high efficiency.


public welfare litigation law, ecological condition, defensive function, index influencing factors


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