Modeling and Analysis of the Influence of Canoe Hydrodynamic Force on Lake Ecological Environment

Xin Fan

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 869-875


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In recent years, the ecological environment of lake water has changed greatly, for this reason, To this end, it is proposed that modeling and analysis of the influence of canoe hydrodynamic force on Lake ecological environment. Take the dishui lake, a large artificial excavated lake in Lingang new town in Shanghai as an example, start with analysising of sediment and pollution sources in lake area, on the basis of 8-year routine water quality index and monitoring data of biological indicators, analysis on the growth and evolution of ecological environment of large artificial lakes, evolution characteristics and trend in development. Analysising of hydrodynamic conditions of canoeing, modeling and analyzing the influence of canoeing hydrodynamics on Lake ecological environment.


ecological condition, canoeing, fluid dynamics, modeling and analysising


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