Modeling and Analysis of Financial Management on Environmental Damage in Falling Area

Chunxi He

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1325-1329


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The waste produced by financial management in backward areas has a significant impact on the environment. A comparative analysis model of financial management and environmental pollution in backward areas based on the dynamic adjustment of capital structure is put forward. The constraint parameter model of financial management and waste discharge in backward areas is constructed by using sub-sample adjustment method, and the emission standards are divided into three groups: high, medium and low, so as to realize the quantitative analysis of environmental pollution caused by waste produced by financial management in backward areas. The empirical study shows that the pollution caused by the waste in the financial management in the backward area has a level confidence of 95%, through the optimization of the target capital results, the optimization of the financial management and the reduction of the impact of the waste discharge on the environment.


financial management, backward area, environment disruption, modeling


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