Merkezi Isıtma Sistemlerinin Teknik ve Ekonomik Analizi ve Hava Kirliliğini Azaltmadaki Önemi

Muhiddin CAN

Ekoloji, 1994, Issue 10, Pages: 30-36



in our country, the air pollution is mainly caused by flue gas and egzost gases from motor vehicles especially in the metropolitan cities in winter. İn the West, for a long time, the district heating systems have been used in order to save energy, cheap heating and to prevent environmental pollution. in this paper, the enery conservation, economic conditions and the need to prevent the air and environmental pollution particularly in large cities (living areas) make necessary to decide on the heat production systems of a district according to the results of a detailed and carefully made feasibility study.


Merkezi ısıtma, hava kirliliği