Location of Forest Environment Erosion Area Based on Remote Sensing Image

Haiying Fan, Shubi Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 991-996


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Aiming at the problem of low positioning accuracy of traditional forest environmental erosion area location method, a method based on remote sensing image for forest environmental erosion area location was proposed. Remote sensing images of forest erosion areas were extracted in an ideal time period; The segmentation of remote sensing images is guided by region growth algorithm and truncation method based on the idea of local optimal mutual adaptation; The dbN wavelet basis is used to decompose the remote sensing image in three layers, and then the decomposed sub-bands are coded separately to form a new image; Remote sensing image location of forest environmental erosion area is realized by genetic algorithm. The experimental results show that the proposed method has high positioning accuracy, which verifies the applicability of the proposed method in locating forest erosion areas.


remote sensing image, forest environment, erosion area, positioning


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