Lepidium sativum Cultivation in Organic Fertilizer Added Hazelnut Husk Compost

Gulnur Karaal, Atnan Ugur

Ekoloji, 2014, Issue 90, Pages: 33-39

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5053/ekoloji.2014.904


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This study was carried out under Ordu ecological conditions in an unheated plastic tunnel type greenhouse between 2008-2009 production seasons. In this study, the effect of growth medium of natural hazelnut husk compost enriched with organic fertilizer at different ratio on cultivation of garden cress was researched. Organic fertilizer was added to hazelnut husk compost (adjusted to by volume 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) in the manner that nitrogen would be 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% by using the nitrogen content of growth medium as a base. Natural hazelnut husk was accepted as a control application. In the study which was coordinated as a pot trial, each pot was examined as a replication and the study was carried out according to randomized parcels base design with three replications. In the study, seed plantings (2 g/m2) were made in two different seasons; spring and autumn. Autumn planting was made in 10 September 2008 and spring planting was made in 28 April 2009. Plants were harvested two times for each two seasons. After harvest was finished, plant yield, leaf width, leaf length, vitamin C and leaf color (chroma, hue) values were determined. In the study, organic fertilizer applications statistically increased yield and leaf quality. In terms of yield value, 2% N application with 2052 g/m2 gave the highest yield. Yield and leaf width values were higher in the first harvests. All fertilizer applications increased garden cress width and length. Amount of vitamin C increased 80% according to the control in 2% N application. Fertilizer addition created more green leaves on plants. Usage of organic fertilizer added natural hazelnut husk in the cultivation of garden cress is important in terms of both plant yield and quality improvement, and environmental sustainability.


color, hazelnut husk compost, Lepidium sativum, organic fertilizer, yield


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