Landscape Layout Design of Residential Environment Based on Landscape Ecology

Ximei Gao

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1113-1117


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The increasingly prominent environmental problems have a certain impact on the sustainable development of human society. In order to reduce the carrying capacity of the environment and do a good job in basic ecological environment construction, it is necessary to introduce ecological theory into the landscape design of urban residential areas. In the process of landscape design of urban residential areas, many objective factors need to be considered. Through relevant measures, the influence scope of these factors can be minimized. The design idea of landscape ecology can guide the problems in the process of landscape design of urban residential areas, and make the final design meet the requirements of relevant regulations both in theory and in practice. In this paper, landscape ecology of urban residential landscape design ideas will be discussed in depth.


landscape, ecology, residential area, landscape layout


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