Landscape Design Art of Plant Community of Urban Forest Type Green Space

Wen Wen

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1391-1397


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With the rise of the local landscape construction movement, the plant landscape design which simulates the natural plant community gradually attracts people’s attention. Taking Handan area of Hebei Province as an example, a systematic sampling method was used to investigate the forest vegetation in Handan Motianling. Based on the hierarchical structure and appearance characteristics of the 13 natural communities, and by applying the principles of garden art, plant landscaping and other related theories to simulate, a variety of plant landscape planting mode for the application of urban garden green space is constructed. This paper aims to provide a reference for the scientific construction of the plant community of shelterbelt, forest planting and patch planting in urban garden green space, and also provides a new solution for the green space landscape design in urban ecological garden construction.


urban forests, plant community, landscape design, art


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