Influence of Index on the Legal Mechanism of Ecological Environment Compensation

Man Zhang, Sifeng Wang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 861-867


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The purpose of Ecological compensation mechanism is to protect the ecological environment and to promote the accord development between Human and Nature. Ecological compensation mechanism can make comprehensive use of administrative means and market means, and coordinate the interest relationship between ecological environmental protection and ecological environmental construction according to factors such as ecosystem services, ecological protection cost and ecological development opportunity. For example, the interest relationship between the upstream and downstream drainage basin, inside and outside of the nature reserve, suppliers and demanders of the mineral products, should be balanced by market economic measure. Therefore, the construction of ecological civilization and the implementation of the new era of environmental protection need to establish an ecological compensation mechanism. Garden green space system is the obbligato part of the ecological functions segment in the city. Based on the legal mechanism of ecological environment compensation, the quantitative calculation method and formula of six indicators under ecological benefits are established, so as to realize the numerical impact analysis of the legal mechanism of ecological environment compensation on the economic indicators of ecological benefits.


ecological environment, mechanism of the ecological compensation, ecological benefits, garden green space


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