Influence of Green Ecological Building on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Zheng Tan, Hao Liu

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1343-1348


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Green ecological building is to build a safe, healthy, efficient and comfortable living space under the condition of low environmental load by saving energy and making effective use of resources, so as to achieve the symbiosis and sustainable development of green building and environment. In this paper, the effect of green ecological building on energy-saving and emission reduction is studied. The meaning and characteristics of green ecological building are described first, then the calculation method of carbon emission is given, and the effect of green ecological building on energy-saving and emission reduction is analyzed according to the calculation method of carbon emission. The experimental results show that the green ecological building has remarkable energy-saving and emission-reducing effect, and the implementation of the green ecological architecture should be promoted, and the purpose of protecting the environment is achieved.


green ecological building, energy saving and emission reduction, carbon emission


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