Influence of Administrative Litigation on the Modeling of Index Parameters of the Legal Mechanism of Ecological Environment Compensation

Jing Long Han

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1319-1324


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In order to alleviate the problem that compensation is not in place or is not sufficient, or that the beneficiaries of compensation are out of step with those in need of compensation, this paper puts forward the analysis of the influence of administrative litigation on the index parameters of the legal mechanism of ecological environment compensation. This paper analyzes the legal mechanism of ecological environment compensation from three aspects: the system of environmental administrative compensation, the legal essence of ecological compensation and the characteristics of ecological environmental compensation. The conceptual model of the ecological compensation mechanism is based on the analysis of the elements of the ecological compensation mechanism and the system structure, and the conceptual model of the ecological compensation mechanism is constructed. Through the experimental analysis, when constructing the ecological compensation mechanism, we can not construct a kind of system which can only accord with the single ecological compensation goal from the angle of an isolated ecological environment problem. Moreover, we can not try to solve the complex ecological environment problems in the operation of eco-economic system with a kind of institutional arrangement.


administrative litigation, ecological condition, compensate, legal mechanism, index parameter


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