Hydrological Changes and Influencing Factors of Natural Wetland Ecological Environment Based on Improved Neural Network Algorithm

Xiuqing Li

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 961-966


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Application of BP neural network model of zhalong wetland ecological vulnerability is evaluated. 7-2-4 structure was used to sample various wetland types of grid unit it calculated ecologically fragile index E Ⅵ value as a training set, through the largest error back propagation training of 1, 000 times, the maximum error was 1.1%, the minimum error is 0. The 7-dimensional evaluation index variable to 1-dimensional variable of zalong wetland was successfully realized, namely the mapping of zalong wetland ecological vulnerability index, and the ecological vulnerability index value of all grid units in the study area was obtained. Using GIS technology, the ecological vulnerability grading map of zhalong wetland was made, and the analysis showed that the moderate and severe vulnerable areas of zhalong wetland accounted for 18% of the whole, and the potential vulnerable areas and slight vulnerable areas accounted for 63% of the whole. From the quantitative point of view, the overall ecological environment of zhalong nature reserve was not optimistic, which provided scientific reference for zhalong wetland ecological environmental protection and management.


geographic information systems, wetland, ecological vulnerability, neural network


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