Forest Park Ecological Landscape Restoration Methods and Evaluation of Ecological Tourism Resources

Yue Ma, Ling Li, Man Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1265-1270


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This paper introduces the ecological landscape restoration methods of forest park, including clear thinking, overall planning, measures according to local conditions. In the process of ecological restoration is expounded to protect the forest stand structure of a single, ecological compensation mechanism is not sound, inadequate of forestry production, ignore the problem such as landscape benefit, and put forward the perfect structure, cultivating landscape forest trees, developing forest tourism economic entity, improve the supporting measures, strengthen publicity and education countermeasures. This paper puts forward a road suitable for the sustainable development of ecotourism in forest park in terms of the level and spatial layout of ecotourism development in forest park. In order to provide scientific and effective support for the planning, protection and management of the ecological landscape and ecotourism in the forest park.


forest park, ecological restoration, ecological protection, ecotourism, evaluation


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