Feasibility Study on Building a Mobile E-commerce platform for Fresh Agricultural Products in China under the Background of Internet Plus

Bo Zou

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 647-658, Article No: e107068


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With the rapid popularization of mobile Internet technology, the circulation of fresh agricultural products in China has entered the era of mobile E-commerce. This study adopted questionnaires and took the fresh agricultural products producers and consumers in an inland province as the research object. In view of the representative problems of “dull sale, difficult selling and expensive purchasing” in the process of the circulation of fresh agricultural products in China, the building of sales channels, cost control and consumer decision-making are studied. Besides, some policy suggestions on the feasibility of building mobile E-commerce platform for fresh agricultural products are put forward: the building of mobile E-commerce platform for fresh agricultural products requires the local government to strengthen organizational leadership and top-level design in a timely manner, improve the transmission mechanism of agricultural information intermediary, and perfect the organization of local agricultural information service. In this process, the role of local colleges and universities serving the local economy should be fully realized and the advantages of industry-university-research cooperation should be brought into play, so as to solve the problems existing in the building of the mobile E-commerce platform for fresh agricultural products, such as weak foundation of rural information service, poor access to farmers information, and difficulty in effectively meeting the demand for information.


Internet plus, circulation of fresh agricultural products, mobile E-commerce


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