Environmental Problem of Dirt Accumulation in Ukraine and its Impact on Labor Relations in the Sphere of Protection of Labor

Galia I. Chanysheva, Roman I. Shabanov, Yelena O. Kovalenko

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 6001-6005, Article No: e107588


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The author raises an issue of the most serious environmental problems of modern Ukraine namely, catastrophic dirt accumulation in a worldwide context. Specific figures of this phenomenon and prospects as well as forecasts for near and middle-term outlook are shown. There has also been drawn a conclusion on real critical effect of a current situation on environmental safety and human health in Ukraine. The correlation between the increasing deterioration in the field of waste products of Ukraine and the necessity of normative strengthening of labor protection requirements (LP) has also been traced. It is recommended to pass a regulatory act on the issues of workers’ labor protection in the sphere of waste disposal and to establish the Inspection, in a Gostrud structure, on supervision and control over the observance of ecostandards at landfills and waste disposal sites of all types which may have significant impact on the solution of many problems in this sphere and to improve ecological future prospects for the country.


waste, domestic waste (DW), industrial waste (IW), solid domestic and industrial waste, hazardous waste, production and dirt accumulation, polymer waste, ecological crisis, waste industry, labor protection sphere


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