Environmental Art Design of Highway Tunnel under Road Landscape Stress

Hui Zhou, Zhili Dai

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 717-722


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Highway tunnel is a kind of road form in municipal engineering. In the past design, more attention was paid to the optimization of line type, the comparison of sections, and the way of construction. However, little research on the impact of urban tunnels on surrounding environment and urban landscape was made. At present, the disorderly expansion of road landscape aggravates the fragmentation of habitat, hinders the process of biological circulation and impairs the ecosystem service function. Based on the stress of road landscape, the environmental art design of highway tunnels is helpful to reveal the impact of environmental art design on key ecological processes and optimize the regional ecological security pattern. The principles and methods of environmental art design for highway tunnels in this paper.


road landscape stress, road tunnel, environment, art design


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