Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of Oilfield Pressurized Water Injection System

Linqiong Guo, Yang Liu, Shun Luo, Lixin Wei

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 759-765, Article No: e107091


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According to the principle of energy balance, the energy balance model of the pressurized water injection system is set up. The energy distribution calculation is carried out by taking the actual running condition of the Leijia block pressurized water injection system of Liaohe oil field, combining the energy consumption evaluation standard of the oil field injection system. The energy distribution and energy saving potential of each part of the pressurized water injection system are analyzed, and the energy consumption of the system after the energy saving transformation is predicted.


pressurized water injection system, energy consumption evaluation, energy distribution, energy saving


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