Endemik Onosma bornmuelleri Hausskn.'nın Morfolojisi,Anatomisi ve Ekolojisi Üzerine Bir Araştırma


Ekoloji, 2004, Issue 51, Pages: 13-19



The primary objective of this study are to describe the residents perceptions towards air pollution in Samsun. The data used in this paper was collected via questionnaire survey. The data show that many people in Samsun were effected by air pollution, especially during winter period. 78% of respondents think that in winter, the causes of the air pollution are heating techniques and industrial factors. 59% of respondents declared that they use coke or lignite for heating. It has been found that air pollution is lower on windy higher parts of the city. The survey shows that 42% of respondents believe that the exhaust gas emissions and industrial factors are the causes for air pollution during summer period. Many respondents believe that polluted air often causes the complaints of bronchitis, asthma, acute respiratory episodes, and other discomforts. In order to cope with the adverse effects of the air pollution, 51% of the respondents belive that the presence of household heating with low quality fuel or coal should be banned in the Samsun urban area.


Air pollution, bronchitis, questionnarie, Samsun