Ekosistem dinamiklerinin izlenmesine bir araç olarak peyzaj degişimlerinin analizi

Hakan Alphan

Ekoloji, 2006, Issue 58, Pages: 8-15



This study aimed to provide a framework as a basis for determining qualitative and quantitative aspects of landscape changes. Special emphasis was placed on pixel-based comparison of satellite images and the advantages of this approach over traditional change detection based on a simple comparison of the area of a given land cover type at different dates was discussed. The results of this study showed that coastal landscape has high spatial heterogeneity. The results also suggested that rapid and complex changes in these areas resulting from human interference can be identified accurately by using spatially-referenced information. The use of "from one date to another" (-from ,-to) change categories was reported to provide more information on the movement, fragmentation, and consolidation components of landscape changes and the utility of the products of this approach for creating future secenarios was mentioned.
Analysis of landscape changes as a tool for monitoring ecosystem dynamics. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/283483921_Analysis_of_landscape_changes_as_a_tool_for_monitoring_ecosystem_dynamics [accessed Sep 01 2018].


Ecosystem management, Landscape changes, Quantitative analysis


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