Ecological Study on Sintering of Fuel Blending in Guisha Limonite

Xiaolei Zhou, Guofeng Gao, Zhe Shi, Bangfu Huang, Jinlin Lu, Weisai Liu, Lei Liu, Yingtao Meng, Jie Wang

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 721-726, Article No: e106127


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As China’s ore resources have “poor, fine, mixed, scattered” environmental characteristics, with the rising price of imported iron ore, the cost of iron making production remains high. In order to withstand market risks, an ecological engineering laboratory sintered cup test was conducted on the ecological blending and fuel use of Guisha Mine. The results of the study show that, to a certain extent, Guishan Limonite can be environmentally and effectively used for sintering. And sum up the objective laws of the sintering process in ecosystem. With the increase of limonite, the regularity of the deterioration of the abiotic main properties of sintering was found. A method of improving the main properties of sintering after increasing the amount of fuel used can be found.


ecological engineering, abiotic factors, sintering, fuel, oxidation


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