Ecological Evolution Characteristics of New Chinese Landscape from the Perspective of Rapid Urbanization

Tao Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 807-812


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Under the intrusion of the strong Western culture dominated by the economy and capital, the protection of the cultural genes of China’s cities and buildings is a subject that management workers of Chinese construction and urban planning must take seriously. Taking the new Chinese landscape style as an entry point, we strive to express the artistic conception in the traditional Chinese landscape. In the perspective of rapid urbanization, the characteristics of new Chinese architectural landscapes and architectural changes are analyzed. According to the characteristics and changes of the architectural landscape, the evolution characteristics of the new Chinese style landscape ecology are analyzed. They are the construction mode of ecological environment in rural areas, the ecological buffer mode in urban-rural integration, and the conservation mode of ecological environment in coastal tourism areas.


rapid, the perspective of rapid urbanization, new Chinese landscape, ecological evolution


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