Eco-upgrading Evaluation of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Effect of Assembled Green Building with Renewable Energy

Xiaolei Zheng, Tao Yang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1101-1105


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In the future development of architecture, as a new mode of upgrading the construction industry and realizing the sustainable development concept of green environment protection, the assembly green building of renewable energy will become the general trend and the main mode of architecture in the future. This paper mainly elaborates the characteristics and advantages of the assembled green building with renewable energy, and makes an in-depth discussion on its adaptability. It comprehensively studies the advantages and application characteristics of the assembled green building, and constructs the evaluation index system of the ecological upgrading of the assembled green building, so as to provide the corresponding reference for future research.


renewable energy, assembled green buildings, energy saving and emission reduction


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