Dynamic Evolution of the Yellow River Delta coastline Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing

Fuqiang Wang, Ruijia Zhang, Heng Zhao, Xi Chen

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 615-627, Article No: e107066


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The Yellow River Delta, one key area for develop and protect the Yellow River Basin, is an important part of maintaining the Yellow River healthy. Affected by climate change and human activities, the flux of water and sand from the Yellow River has changed dramatically since the half of the last century. The total incoming water decreased in the Yellow River had led the large-scale erosion in the Yellow River Delta. The land resources reduce had seriously affected the regional stability and the effective operation of wetland ecosystems. this paper used the remote sensing technology which can timely and accurately reflect the dynamic evolution of the coastline, combined the data from the Lijin station, interpreted and recognized the remote sensing images, analyzed the erosion of the coastline of the Diaokou River after the diversion of the Yellow River, the recovery of coastline after ecological replenishment and the silting process of the Qingshuigou river after the diversion. Results: In the Diaokou River, the erosion area of the sand mouth is about 2.826 km2, the siltation area is about 3.156 km2, and the net siltation area is 0.33 km2, and the western convex bank is mostly eroded, the eastern concave bank is mostly silted; In the Qingshuigou River, the total land accretion area showed an increasing trend, the increment of land area was 300 km2 and the average sedimentation rate was 7.56 km2yr-1. This results can provide scientific theoretical basis for wetland ecological construction and management methods in the Yellow River Delta.


remote sensing, Yellow River Delta, estuary evolution, the coastline


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