Determination of the Noise Pollution on University (Education) Campuses: a Case study of Ataturk University

Serkan Ozer, Murat Zengin, Hasan Yilmaz

Ekoloji, 2014, Issue 90, Pages: 49-54



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Noise pollution is among the most prominent environmental problems encountered in every aspect of daily life. The effect of noise pollution is the cause of a variety of serious health hazards. Special care should be taken to prevent noise pollution especially in areas which are sensitive to noise such as hospitals, parks, and educational institutions. One such area is the university campus; however, very little research has been conducted on this subject. In the present study, noise levels were measured on the Ataturk University campus in Erzurum, Turkey. Results of the study revealed that the average noise level was 62.70 dB(A) exceeding 55 dB(A), which is an average permitted value. A map was created to indicate the noise levels throughout the campus. This map is available for use as a reference in the planning phases of new universities. Noise mitigation should be considered in the planning phases of new university campuses.


barriers, Erzurum, noise map, noise pollution, University campus


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