Design of Intelligent Monitoring System for Environmental Pollution in Metro Tunnel Construction Based on Internet of Things

Tingfa Yan, Shulong Pan

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1041-1045


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Aiming at the subway tunnel with special requirements for temperature, humidity and CO gas, an intelligent monitoring system for environmental pollution in subway tunnel construction based on Internet of Things is designed. Combining the Internet of Things with GPRS technology, the system uses the data acquisition terminal of the Internet of Things to collect environmental data, and uses GPRS as wireless communication network to carry out wireless data transmission between host computer and on-site monitoring points. The whole data acquisition terminal is controlled by LPC2210 single chip computer. It can satisfy the communication under different GPRS access modes by modifying and adjusting the software, and has good expansibility. Experiments show that the system can meet the design requirements.


subway tunnel, GPRS, wireless transmission network, environmental monitoring, LPC2210, Internet of Things


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