Design of Green Garden Structure State Detection System Based on Landscape Pattern

Peng Gong, Jianping Zhang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 943-948


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The Greenway Network is a landscape ecology and urban planning in recent years. It intersects with many disciplines. It is an in-depth and innovative approach to the current green space system planning. It captures the construction and improvement of the urban green space system and urban and rural areas while rapidly expanding the city. The green space system is integrated, and the regional greenway network is established at the same time. It is wary of the destruction of resources and the fragmentation of the landscape by rapid urbanization. It not only enriches the connotation of the traditional green space system planning, but also improves the green space system planning with its own advantages. More features. This paper firstly gives a comprehensive description of the landscape pattern, green space system and greenway concept. It reviews the development process of the greenway network, compares the current situation of foreign and domestic greenway networks, and summarizes the research methods of greenway network planning. The technology focuses on the important role of landscape ecology and landscape pattern analysis in constructing a greenway network. This paper provides a comprehensive understanding of the greenway network, including details of its constituent factors, functional types, and impact factors. The introduction of the landscape, the landscape pattern analysis and the landscape structure index are highlighted, and the feasibility of applying the greenway network to the urban green space system planning is explained, so that people have a deeper understanding of it.


ecological garden, green space structure, detection, state


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