Design of Agricultural Products Logistics Selection Model Based on Low Carbon Constraints

Tianbao Liang, Hu Wang, Yanxia Cheng

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 1307-1312


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In order to optimize the distribution process, improve the efficiency of agricultural products distribution service and reduce the logistics cost, a selection model of agricultural products logistics based on low carbon constraints is proposed. Under the joint control of carbon emission limit constraint, carbon tax constraint and carbon emission right trading constraint, combined with cost function and constraint conditions, the selection and location model of agricultural products logistics is constructed. The experimental results show that the alternative points can be selected accurately by using this model, so that the logistics cost of the whole logistics network can be minimized, and the corresponding logistics distribution route can be given. The results can be obtained conveniently and quickly by programming, so the model has good practicability.


low carbon constraint, agricultural products, logistics selection model


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