Construction of Rationality Assessment Model for Natural Resources Utilization in Rural Areas

Yue Tian, Guanxin Yao, Jing Xu, Yigang Jiang

Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 108, Pages: 729-734


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Based on the coordination degree index and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, based on the four dimensions of scale intensity, structure, layout and efficiency, the index system and model for the rationality evaluation of natural resources utilization in rural areas are constructed. The results show that the current utilization of natural resources in rural areas is basically at a reasonable level or above; the regional differentiation of natural resources utilization in rural areas is obvious, and the problem of unreasonable structure and layout is particularly prominent; the rational use of natural resources in rural areas in some areas is reasonable. The constraints are different. The constructed evaluation index system and model method are closer to the current content and means of macro-control of natural resources in rural areas. The evaluation results can provide scientific guidance for rational planning of water resources allocation and utilization and improvement of natural resource management.


rural areas, natural resources, evaluation index system, rationality assessment


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