Comparative Study on the Technology of Seasonal Solar Energy Storage

Kun-Ru Ma, Rui-Jiao Yu

Ekoloji, 2018, Issue 106, Pages: 761-770, Article No: e106132


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Seasonal solar energy storage means that the solar energy is stored when it is sufficient and used when the weather is getting cold. It is not only conducive to the application of green energy, but also to the saving of primary energy. The technology studied in this paper is the soil heat storage. First, use the Gambit to establish cases with different buried pipes intervals; then, use the Fluent to simulate the soil heat storage under different heat taken conditions; and finally, analyze the data that make the system achieve balance. In this way, we can obtain the amount of heat storage and heat taken and the difference of the area of the solar collectors that are applied in the direct and indirect systems. After matching, we can know the final soil temperature, the amount of heat storage and heat taken, and the ratio between heat storage and heat taken under different temperatures of return water and intervals of buried pipe. With the conclusion, we can provide reference for future projects with regard to the area of solar collector and the total length of buried pipe.


solar energy, buried pipe, heat storage, heat supply, energy efficiency


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